Beautiful. Comfortable. Permanently!

Thanks to many years of experience of our employees, our company produces shoes that are not only BEAUTIFUL, but also ULTRA-COMFORTABLE and DURABLE.


and technology

The KAMPA quality is the sum of the details. Our designers’ element is curiosity – what else can be done to make shoes not only beautiful, but also more comfortable. We are looking for the perfect path between timeless elegance, modern style and, above all, the comfort expected by our customers.
We create for women who are looking for something natural, have the courage to go beyond the embarrassing fashion declarations to show their authentic lifestyle.

In harmony

with your nature

We follow the natural curve of the foot, giving you above-average wearing comfort. Starting from the design department where we put emphasis on anatomically correct structures to properly carved hooves that allow us to create really comfortable shoes that minimize the feeling of tired feet – even during all-day wear.

Did you know that some of our shoes weigh only 140g? This is due to the use of lightweight soles and the assembly technology of sewing shoes. Design solutions were created for people who walk and stand for many hours during the day.

and breathable

We meticulously select the soles for the footwear so that they adapt to the shape and pressure of your feet, guaranteeing them natural movement and full comfort. We make sure that the soles have the appropriate thickness and width – this allows the foot pressure energy to dissipate, which affects the stabilization of the gait, minimizes the transmission of shocks to the upper parts of the body from the knees to the neck and reduces the risk of foot injuries while walking.

The insole and the inside of the shoe are made of natural leather, which allows the feet to breathe in favorable and comfortable conditions. In addition, each insole has an aerated foam, which allows for optimal air flow with each step, gaining a climate appropriate for the feet. The breathability means that our shoes can be worn even on hot days.