The beginnings of our company date back to 1965, when Franciszek Pacut opened a one-man craft workshop producing footwear. Initially, the plant mainly produced men’s shoes, but with time and the design experience gained, the range was also expanded to include women’s shoes.



A new chapter began in 1997, when the company was taken over by his son – Andrzej Pacut. Gradually, he built an increasingly technologically advanced machine park, hired and trained new employees, built a qualified team of professionals experienced in the industry, and reached for modern solutions. Thanks to his creativity and passion for creation, KAMPA footwear is now synonymous with good style, comfort and the highest quality. We have a qualified, professional staff of employees with many years of experience in the industry. Starting from the design department, where the details of the correct production of shoes are supervised by the constructor, through the production manager who cares about quality, the entire team strives to ensure that our services are provided at the highest level.



In order to meet the present day, we have created profiles on social media platforms to be closer to our clients. Facebook and Instagram are the most popular channels available thanks to which we obtain valuable feedback directly from the consumer market. Selling shoes for over 50 years, we have acquired customers all over Poland and Europe. Thanks to sales in the company’s online store, our products reach places around the world today. We work with the largest footwear brands, and our product range is constantly expanded. In the Kampa company, from the beginning of its existence, we put emphasis on the family traditions of footwear production and on supporting the local labor market. The company’s employees constantly improve their professional qualifications. The production specializes in many assembly methods and implements modern technological solutions on an ongoing basis.